the BOHIMI dream is to create a NETWORK OF HOPE by offering chances to those who have been left behind in our daily lives. 

it is our vision to create economic opportunities for WOMEN living in challenging circumstances. we would love to be able to offer them a life perspective by employing them and thus EMPOWERING them. it is our goal to help them live autonomously and financially independent. 

it is also part of our vision to integrate work force at all skill levels and capacity into our production process. we are proud to say that our wooden frames come from the local SHELTERED workshop in Mannheim. we could not be happier with this collaboration. not only do they work with locally and sustainably grown wood but they also deliver high QUALITY natural products. we love working with you! 

of course it has to be our dream to support CHILDREN in need. our hearts weigh heavy thinking of children that have to suffer through loss and medical conditions on a daily basis. we would love to share HOPE with them by forwarding our proceeds to those who have no access to economic resources. 

most importantly, it is our mission to satisfy our customers and bring happy smiles to YOUR faces. we truly believe that beauty is God’s handwriting and that letting something beautiful into your life will make you feel his love more. 

in 2022, we will donate 10% of our income to the ORPHANAGE in Salonta, Romania and to the AMALIE Project in Mannheim, Germany. both projects have come to our attention through our personal story. it is a matter of the BOHIMI heart to work hard and be able to give generously to these organizations.  

for any questions concerning our projects or proceeds, please contact us at hello@bohimi-culture.com.