all of our raw materials have been carefully hand-selected. your order will be hand-crafted ESPECIALLY for you. it is our personal concern to realize your CUSTOM order with precision and attention to detail - as if making it for ourself!
we take our commitment seriously and strive to build a personal NETWORK that people can rely on - our customers, our suppliers and also our employees.
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at BOHIMI, we understand our responsibility for our ecosystem and all its inhabitants. we RESPECT life. we treat everyone and everything with decency and care.
RESOURCEFULNESS is one of our key factors. we have made it our goal to use all natural, renewable and recyclable materials for our products. we try to create as little waste as possible in the production process. our raw materials come from locally and sustainably grown resources.

"beauty is God's HANDWRITING" - Charles Kingsley
we truly believe that seeing beauty brings joy to our hearts. NATURE itself is the most beautiful and perfect thing we can imagine. it is our goal to use nature's beauty to create personal items for you to bring you JOY. seeing God's handwriting in your life will bring HOPE and thankfulness to your heart.