BOHIMI culture was created in our hearts, long before we even knew about it.

back in 2017, our family was hit by an incredible tragedy when our son BOAZ was taken from our arms. in the following year, our daughter MIRIAM was also taken from us. in the midst of this darkness, we were desperate and hopeless. there was no LIFE left to live.

but we still had each other. together, we were still a FAMILY. 

even though we were heart-broken, deep down we always shared a common feeling of PROTECTION. because we knew that none of these personal misfortunes would have the power to break our lives. we knew that we were in a stable socio-economic surrounding, that our lives' systems would resist the destructive forces that we were experiencing. we did not have to fear the loss of our home nor our job nor our standard of living. 

today, we are able to look away from our past towards others. we have heard so many stories. so many families that were deprived of the LIFE they should have had together. children and parents that were torn apart by the cruel truth of life here on earth. families that have lost everything because - unlike us - they do not live in central europe with a steady income and a reliable legal system. people who could not fight any more because they did not have the means. people who could not rely on a stable system. people that have been forgotten by this world. 

BOHIMI culture was created to bring hope to those who no longer have the heart to believe in a better life. bohimi culture is the joint effort of our entire family. we have made it our culture to be THANKFUL for our lives and the time we get to spend together. we work together to SHARE with others what we have received. 


we are BOHIMI culture. Hans, Steffie, Hila. not shown on this picture: Boaz and Miriam.